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We specialize in products designed to assist those seeking a lifestyle of body, mind, and spiritual wellness.  Visit our online store.

Yonkers, New York

Holistic Wellness Services

Kemetic Wellness Sacred Healing Center is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting a holistic, natural lifestyle.  Our mission is to provide a healing space for our community to achieve a life of wellness and wholeness.



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High Vibration Nutrition


High Vibration Nutrition is a simple guide to proper nutrition for mind, body and spiritual wholeness.  Order your signed copy of the book here. 


Wellness Consultation

Discuss your wellness challenges and goals with BaNAuset KaNSekhmet, a licensed Registered Nurse and Certified Naturopath. Receive guidance on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness therapies to assist in achieving your wellness goals.

Kemetic Reiki

RaSekhi Kemetic Reiki is the ancient art of energetic healing that works through the auric field to clear stagnated energy and raise one's vibration. Helpful for relieving stress, melancholy and clearing away traumatic energy that has attached itself to the spiritual body. 


Kemetic Yoga

Abu m khat is a Kemetic Womb Yoga Dance form designed for womb wellness.  Each class takes the student on a personal journey through breath work, meditation, and sacred Kemetic movement focused on womb healing.