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If you are looking for a simple guide to proper nutrition for mind, body and spiritual wholeness, then keep reading...


Every living creature needs very specific nutrients to maintain life based on that creature's biological composition. Human beings are no different. This book offers sound, practical instruction on how to eat to maintain a disease-free life.

This is NOT diet book, nor is dieting encouraged, because we do not want to DIE.


Rather, we want to consume the highest vibration foods that allow us to experience:

*Strong bones


*Flexible muscles

*Mental clarity


*Healthy cellular and organ functioning


*Elevated mood, and more.


From the back of the book:

Creating a happier, more peaceful existence begins with good health, rooted in the foods we consume daily. As new cells are constantly regenerating, the body largely replaces itself with completely new cells approximately every 7 years. Although some bits are never replaced, we essentially become completely renewed at the cellular level over a period of time. All living things take on the energy of the foods and environments they are consistently immersed in. This means that elevating towards higher frequency foods, people, situations and environments also increases the possibilities for what we can achieve and experience in this lifetime.


High Vibration Nutrition features:


*The effects of nutrition on our vibrational frequency

*High Vibration and low vibration foods

*Necessary macro and micronutrients for optimal wellness

*Alkaline-acid balance

*Proper food pairing


*Cultural nutrition

*Creating a wellness lifestyle

*21 day detox

*Four levels of plant-based nutrition

*Plant-based recipes and meal planning

*Journal and affirmations


You will learn how to see through the illusions that set us up for failure, madness, and dietary dis-ease. I am here to guide you back to your birth rite of wellness and wholeness.

High Vibration Nutrition Book