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Kemetic Wellness provides Afrakan-centered solutions to chronic illness and generational trauma.  Our  products and services are designed to encourage self-care for body, mind, and spiritual wholeness. Our mission is to cultivate wellness in our community using ancient Afrakan principles and healing techniques.  

Ma'at is a state of harmony, balance and right order, which was a foundational concept in Kemet and other Afrakan civilizations.  Cultural practices such as plant-based nutrition, aromatherapy, dance, yoga and sound healing once kept Afrakan and Indigenous populations 95% disease free.  Over time, as we have adopted the lifestyles and dietary habits of foreign cultures, our physical, emotional and mental health has severely declined. Once the perfect picture of health, we are now leading in nearly every preventable health condition here in America and globally.   The Ghanian expression Sankofa teaches us to go back and fetch that which has been lost.  Therefore, we are resurrecting Ma'at and returning to the natural lifestyle practices we flourished in so that we may reclaim a healthy state of being once again. 

Your healing is in your culture.


Holistic Assessments

Includes assessment, nursing diagnosis, outcome identification and planning, implementation and evaluation, as conducted by Registered Nurse BaNAuset KaNSekhmet. .  Clinical skills such as medication review and lab interpretation are combined with a holistic assessment techniques to develop a wellness plan for the client.  Holistic assessment techniques include facial analysis, iridology, tooth analysis, saliva and urinalysis, blood pressure interpretation and elemental energy reading.  Through a holistic assessment Nurse BaNAuset will detect organ system stress and develop a personalized wellness plan for the client.  Wellness planning includes nutrition, herbal supplements, and holistic wellness recommendations for physical, spiritual, mental and emotional healing.

Face Roller

Energy Healing

Kemetic Reiki is the ancient art of energetic healing that works through the auric field to clear stagnated energy and raise one's vibration.  Helpful for relieving stress, melancholy and clearing away traumatic energy that has attached itself to the spiritual body.  Through the use of focused awareness and concentration, symbols, hekau (mantras), crystals, aromatherapy, sound and guided meditation we can begin to restore balance and harmony within one's entire being.


Sacred Movement

Womb Yoga Dance is a system of 69 yoga poses and 39 rhythmic dance moves designed to bring about women’s healing and eliminate womb trauma.  Each session takes the client through a personal journey to inner serenity, guided by power breathing, moving meditation and sacred Kemetic (Egyptian) movements.  Womb Yoga Dance creates an experience of re-awakening inner peace, pelvic and core strengthening, emotional release and divine transformation.  This Afrakan dance of the womb  helps improve flexibility, develop body balance and coordination while activating the waist-line. 



Following an ancestral lifestyle means eating wholesome, natural, organic Indigenous foods – just like our ancestors did for thousands of years.  Yes, your stomach has a culture! It takes over 2,000 years for the stomach culture of a group or species to change.  This means that if you are a person of Afrakan descent, eating plant-based, Afrakan sustenance is most beneficial to you even if you are living elsewhere.  Through personalized coaching and guidance you will learn how to return to wellness by focusing on foods that are optimal for your health.

Tropical Fruit


Mdw Ntchr, pronounced  medew netcher, is translated as the 'Divine words of The Creator'.  Commonly known as hieroglyphs, Mdw Ntchr is the oldest Afrakan classical language with a vast and varied literature.  Ancient writings contain a body of knowledge in various arts, sciences, mathematics, health and spirituality, cultivated in Kemet and throughout all of Afraka.  When you learn a new language you learn a new way to think.  As the only Afrakan classical language developed and written centuries prior to foreign invasion, Mdw Ntchr becomes a powerful symptomatic tool for our global community to hear the purest voice of Afraka uncorrupted by Western ideation and culture.  

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