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Are you ready to jump off the struggle bus and
create the
high frequency life you deserve?

What's REALLY Stopping You From Creating the High Vibration Life You Desire?

It's just a story, a narrative that you have bought into.  I told myself the same story for years.


I guarantee you can find people in similar or worse positions than you, who are still suffering in sickness.  

Total HVN Package Pic.png

what you can expect

Learn How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency and create a life of mind, body and spiritual wholeness- $2,500 Value

Step 1:  Food As Medicine

Step 2:  Four Levels of Wellness

Step 3:  African-Centered Paradigm

Get Your High Vibration Nutrition Book- $17.95 Value

Your course book is included.  Have a reference for nutritional info, recipes, food shopping guide, and healing tools at your fingertips.

Live Group Coaching With Me- $396 Value 

Every week, I'll answer your questions LIVE to help guide you in on your wellness journey.  Together you will make the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual changes necessary to align with the high vibration life you desire. 

Master Proper Nutrition Instead of Dieting- PRICELESS Value

Here, we don't do diets because we don't  want you to die.  You will learn the proper macro and micro nutrients necessary for the human body, so that you can avoid fad diets and gimmicks. 

Experience The Benefits Of Cultural Nutrition

Discover why eating according to your ancestry is a key factor in improving your current state of wellness.  


21-Day Vegan Detox- $97 Value

Change/ Train your palette to enjoy life-giving foods with a 21-Day Detox.  Even if you don't like "that healthy stuff", you can change your palette by replacing destructive foods with natural healing foods, herbs and water. 

Total Value-  $3,010.95    $397 

Clients & Students ENJOYING Success!!



You've thought about what a healthy, natural lifestyle would look like for you, but you don't know where to start.

You are of Black African descent and want to experience culturally-rooted healing.

You believe it is possible to heal your life naturally if you had someone who was willing to help you along the way.

You want more out of life than what your current lifestyle is giving you. 

You are excited about creating a positive transformation in your present reality. 

You want sustainable, holistic living without the stress or limits of fad dieting or gimmicks. 


You're done with being held back and are ready for a change. 

Cart Closes In:

No Thanks,  I'm Not Ready To Create A Healthy, High Vibration Life.


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