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4 Week Virtual Womb Healing Intensive

  • 4Weeks
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4-Week Virtual Womb Healing Intensive This 4-week program includes seven distinct workshops on womb healing. Each lesson includes a Womb Yoga Dance sacred movement class. Each lesson includes an interactive discussion on how to heal the womb, followed by a Kemetic Womb Yoga Dance session. Participants will learn and practice holistic solutions for mind, body and spiritual wholeness including High Vibration Nutrition, breath work, meditation, affirmations, Kemetic Reiki, crystal healing, journaling, moon work, healing rituals, and Kemetic Womb Yoga Dance. This Womb Healing Intensive is designed for Afrakan women to connect with their Divine femininity. Each group healing session takes the client on a personal journey through breath work, meditation, sacred Kemetic movement focused on womb healing. This sacred space is perfect for women who desire to eliminate womb trauma and pain, awaken inner confidence and sexual energy, strengthen core and pelvic muscles, and improve flexibility, balance and coordination. Who will benefit from this class? Women who want to: ✨ Heal Womb Trauma ✨ Overcome womb dis-ease ✨ Build inner confidence ✨ Cultivate inner femininity ✨ Learn traditional Afrakan dance ✨ Lose belly fat ✨ Strengthen core muscles ✨ Get a flatter tummy ✨ Tone and tighten the pelvic floor ✨ Improve flexibility, coordination and balance ✨ Develop sisterhood connections ✨ Cultivate self-love

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