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The Alchemy of Black Healing- COMING SOON!

  • 84Days
  • 22Steps
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This program will be available late 2023. Subscribe to be notified of open enrollment. The Alchemy of Black Healing teaches men and women of the African Diaspora how to achieve a high vibration lifestyle through ancient Afra-Kemetic principles of wellness. Participants will also receive our 21-day vegan detox program to assist in implementing the information learned in this program, and group support. Embark on an entire season of self-healing and ascension to create your high vibration lifestyle. The program is outlined as followed: PHASE 1: Food As Medicine Delves into the vibrational frequency of foods that sustain life and foods and cause disease. Participants will learn the proper healthy macronutrients and macronutrients native to people of the African diaspora. PHASE 2: Four Levels of Wellness Involves learning the proper African spatial perspective for repairing the mind, healing emotional disease, African spirituality, and the principles of physical health. PHASE 3: Ankh Energy Healing Participants will learn the fundamentals of healing the body’s energetic field. Using ancient Afra-Kemetic spiritual science, you will gain tools on cleansing the aura of negative energy, transmuting energy, and spiritual protection. This includes crystal healing, sound healing, words of power, prayer and ancestral healing. Upon successful completion, participants will earn an Imhotep Achievement Certificate at your Virtual Ascension Ceremony.

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