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Jan 11, 2024 - Mar 21, 2024

Kemetic Reiki Online LEVEL ONE

  • 71Days
  • 10Steps


RaSekhi Kemetic Reiki is the ancient art of energetic healing that works through the auric field to clear stagnated energy and raise one's vibration. Helpful for relieving stress, melancholy and clearing away traumatic energy that has attached itself to the spiritual body. Through the use of focused awareness and concentration, symbols, hekau (mantras), proper nutrition, aromatherapy, sound and guided meditation we can begin to restore balance and harmony within one's entire being. RaSekhi Level One focuses on self healing. It assists one in learning to sense and cultivate SEKHEM (internal vital energy). It allows the initiate to gain the experience of the healing system by working on self first, then family and friends. It works to develop the spiritual and mental connection using the RaSekhi principles. Working with the tools give the initiate a greater chance of success and support in ones spiritual development and healing. The early bird price is $495 until November 15th. It will be $555 on November 16th, and $600 December 1st. Registration ends January 10th at midnight. Payment plans of $100 per week are available.

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RaSekhi Kemetic Reiki Online


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