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Kemetic Wellness provides Afrakan-centered solutions to chronic illness and generational trauma.  Our  products and services are designed to encourage self-care for body, mind, and spiritual wholeness. Our mission is to cultivate wellness in our community using ancient Afrakan principles and healing techniques.  

Ma'at is a state of harmony, balance and right order, which was a foundational concept in Kemet and other Afrakan civilizations.  Cultural practices such as plant-based nutrition, aromatherapy, dance, yoga and sound healing once kept Afrakan and Indigenous populations 95% disease free.  Over time, as we have adopted the lifestyles and dietary habits of foreign cultures, our physical, emotional and mental health has severely declined. Once the perfect picture of health, we are now leading in nearly every preventable health condition here in America and globally.   The Ghanian expression Sankofa teaches us to go back and fetch that which has been lost.  Therefore, we are resurrecting Ma'at and returning to the natural lifestyle practices we flourished in so that we may reclaim a healthy state of being once again. 

Your healing is in your culture.


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